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Deciding what's right for you should be simple - so we've made it that way.

Start with membership - if you're pretty confident around a gym, this will give you everything you need.

If you want more - coaching, checkins, tailored workouts - then look at our Back to Fitness, Small Group, or 1:1 Coaching options.

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Membership - £55/month

Ideal for: Those confident in a gym, looking for a more private facility with everything you need to create your own exercise plan and schedule. 

The detail: If you're confident with most of what you need to do in the gym, and just want access to a quiet, friendly, all-inclusive private gym facility 7 days a week, this is for you. Also includes access to all of our classes:

  • 3 Strength Classes every week
  • 3 Conditioning Classes every week
  • 1 360 Kids Club every Sunday
  • The 360 Clinic every Saturday
  • PLUS access to our workout and class libraries, Facebook group and Gym Events.
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The Confidence Builder - £199

Ideal for: Anyone with gym anxiety or not sure about using weight training equipment.

The detail: If the thought of even walking into a gym terrifies you, then the 4 week confidence builder is for you. It includes everything in our standard membership, PLUS one coached session every week, introducing you safely to all the gym equipment over the course of the programme along with access to all our member benefits like classes, workout plans, events and more. After the 4 weeks, step up to The Complete 360, or more focused coaching for your goals!

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The Complete 360 - from £149 monthly

Ideal for: Those looking for the ideal mix of support, accountability, autonomy, progression and enjoyment!

The detail: Whatever goals you might have - big life events, special holidays, health improvement, or just getting into your best shape - The Complete 360 gives you the full toolkit you need to get there, at a pace and with an approach that works for YOU. Face to face coaching every week, the full support of the 360 team in making sure you don't just have the plans to help but the knowledge to take full control of your health and fitness while being part of an amazing team. It's the package that gives you all the best services we offer, at affordable prices, and all you have to do is decide how much of our help you need each week. And if you need more or less? Just swap your package up or down as you need to!

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One to One Personal Training - from £210 monthly

Ideal for: Those looking for the best, fastest results with the most personalised and tailored approach, every time.

The detail: The absolute best option for those with a really focused personal goal, life event or exercise limitations like anxiety, injury or illness. Nobody but you, coached 1:1 every session, with a completely tailored plan based on everything you need, adapted to your specific needs and evolving with your progress over time. For anyone serious about their goals, 1:1 offers the most complete service, every session, every week, for as long as you need. Choose from 1, 2 or 3 sessions each week.

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